Hart’s Seven is my new web comic that I am working on right now. The more I draw about the main characters Hart and his daughter Seven the more the comic strip grows. So why not turn it into something. A web comic. Anyway, Hart’s Seven is about a lousy father who is trying is best at raising his spoiled, bratty daughter. His wife had abandoned him and thier baby to live a better life in a cult when Seven was only a new born. So Hart has full custidy of Seven therefore being the best dad that he can be, despite his former life of being in a rock band.

7to1  Hart and Seven VanGaurd

Right now I’m doing a few experiments on how I want the comic to look like. Black and white, color, or grey, black and white. This comic strip is new so there will be changes until I get something right.

2    3

Hart is a sucessful novelist who is working on his fourth book called Dropdown, a spy thriller (of some sort), and he’s usually going through writers block like any typical writer would. Seven is your average thirteen year old girl who loves to be around with her friends afterschool. I know this story is sounding and starting to get boring, but I’ll eventually find a way to make the story interesting.