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Hart's Desire - Bigger version

The first picture was too small – just making this one bigger.


Hart Explains it all

Hart explain to his daughter of when he made the video when he used to be a rock star. He was young, and experimental and shit happens.



Seven recives an old music video of her father kissing a guy. She is not suprised. This is part of my storyline – stay tuned.


Seven is Skyping her cousin Mercury who is out on a world tour with his dad. murcury

Hart’s Valentines 2

Hart's Valentines 2

It’s the ones that he loves and care for

Hart's Valentines

Hart has more Valentines. Plus I gave him a mustash to go with the unshaven look.


Hart has a girlfriend, Monica, who he consider his muse. I thought might as well show what Valentine’s day is really about, but in my own way.



I worked with this in Photoshop too. Well…just Hart’s skin. I didn’t like it the results. Oh well.


One day Seven is talking some nonsense with her best friend and before she know it, her number 1 crush pops out of no where. This made the rest of her day feel so weird.

Hart goes out on a date

Hart goes out on a date and it ends in a kiss. That’s it. I’m working on a story line on that.