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Seven’s Website

Hello Hartbreakers !

Here it is


I’ll keep you posted on the new cartoons on her site.




Hello to all my Hartbreakers

I know that my website is becoming confusing because there are two comic strips sharing the website with the same characters but different situations. I admit that I have a headful of story lines that I’m working on and the more I work on them the more my everything becomes confusing. So here it is…..I’m giving Seven@Twelve it’s own website. That mean there’s more Seven, twelve year old ¬†troubles, and racial problems. So Hart’s Seven is going to be back to it’s old self of being Hart’s Seven, when Seven is in highschool, dealing with boys, and whatever I can think of that teenagers do. I’m going to make Hart’s Seven and Seven@Twelve as realistic as possible.

So Follow Seven@Twelve on, and tell me what you think. I’ll leave a link in my follow up comic strip.

Until then.

Thanks for tuning in Hartbreakers.

Wanting to Know 2

Wanting to Know 2

This is the “Red Page”. I’m just having fun.

Wanting to know

Wanting to know

Seven wants to know if her father would love her if she was lighter. She’s being her own enemy.

American Idol

American Idol

Lauren text with Seven about American Idol.

Hart meets fan

Hart meets fan

Hart meets a fan of his while waiting for the MUNI.

Lauren’s Invite

Lauren's Invite

Lauren invites Paul Donovan to the Beat Museum.

confronting self

confronting self

Seven confronts herself about who she is.

A day in a life

A day in a life

What Seven and Lauren would do on a typical Saturday.

Good Hair

Good Hair

Hair is hair. What’s so good or bad about it?