Hart’s Seven is about a father and a daughter living they’re everyday life. I want this to be different from the other comic strips that I came across. The story starts off with – Hart is a single parent. Now it’s thirteen years and Seven is a brat who enjoy bothering her father and hanging with her friends. Hart is a former rock star who had to stop living the glam life to take care of his daughter when Nina (Seven’s mother) ran off to join a religious cult when Seven was only a new born. Now Hart is a famous novelist who is working on his fourth book called Dropdown. A spy thriller. So the story takes place from there.

I know Hart is white and Seven is half black. DUH. I really don’t come across too many stories like this. The way I see it, everything is simply white bread, picket fences, and shit that only commercials glamourize about the American life. Hart’s Seven is MADE UP. I have a million and one stories in my head and this is one of them. The more I work on Hart’s Seven, the more you will be in tuned with the story. Right now it’s just bits and pieces of dialog that I decided to put in a four panel comic strip.

More to come – stayed in tuned.